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HAZOP Facilitation

A HAZard and OPerability study (HAZOP) is a structured and systematic examination of a planned or existing process or operation in order to identify and evaluate the hazards that may be present. The study is carried out by a suitably experienced multi-disciplinary team during a set of structured meetings. The HAZOP technique is qualitative, and aims to guide the participants to identify potential hazards and operability problems if the process deviates from the design intent. ; The relevant international standard IEC 61882 calls for team members to display ‘intuition and good judgement’ and for the meetings to be held in ‘a climate of positive thinking and frank discussion’.

We conduct HAZOP studies for clients including all aspects of preparation, facilitation, scribing (minute taking), report preparation and if requested, recommended action tracking and closeout. Our HAZOPs are conducted in accordance with the guidance of AS IEC 61882. Typically we use our in-house excel based HAZOP templates record the HAZOP minutes and produce the reports. The use of commonly available software encourages collaboration and sharing of records following the reviews

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