Process Engineering, Design, Optimisation and Commissioning


Process Engineering

Process Engineering is a discipline that encompasses the study, design, commissioning, operation, maintenance and optimisation of the mineral extraction process.

The Process Engineering services offered by Dextrait include:

  • Sample and composite selection, in conjunction with the Geologist and Mining Engineer.
  • Development of testplans for metallurgical testwork.
  • Coordination and management of testwork carried out by laboratories.
  • Producing metallurgical reports.
  • Development of process flowsheets.
  • Development of process descriptions.
  • Develop a process design criteria.
  • Develop a process control philosophy.
  • Develop Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs).
  • Develop the project equipment list.
  • Development of the operating costs for the processing of each ore type.
  • Develop data sheets and assist with capital cost estimation.
  • Assessment of concentrate against market specifications.
  • Safety, Risk and Operability reviews
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